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Climate Commitment


Toronto Mayor's

Toronto Needs A Climate Mayor


The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our time.

Toronto has already begun to feel the negative impacts of human-caused global warming in the form of extreme heat waves, floods, stresses on our power grid, and incursions of new invasive species impacting our tree canopy and crops, and carrying infectious diseases like Lyme disease.

There is a growing recognition that we must take action if we are to avoid the worst impacts of a changing climate. The City’s drive to create a low-carbon future is one that not only combats the climate emergency, but also achieves multiple community-wide priorities including poverty reduction, good-quality jobs, healthy communities, and increased resilience to extreme weather.

Congratulations & Thank you

Congratulations to Olivia Chow on becoming the next Mayor of Toronto! We look forward to working with you and your team to fully implement TransformTO and prepare our city for the negative impacts of a changing climate.

We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to candidates Celina Caesar-Chavanees, Josh Matlow, D!ONNE Renée, Jeffery Tunney and Kiri Vadivelu for signing the Climate Commitment Pledge. We appreciate your dedication to the City and hope to see your climate action at work in the future.

The Pledge

The Toronto Mayor's

Climate Commitment Campaign

Toronto, like the rest of the world, is at a turning point. We must quickly transform and adapt to a new low-carbon environment. There will be enormous challenges, but also great opportunities. We must meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities or risk being left behind in a rapidly evolving world.

Toronto needs a mayor committed to taking immediate and meaningful action to play our part in reducing heat-trapping pollution and avoiding the worst impacts of the climate disruption. Our new mayor must also capture this singular opportunity to ensure that our city remains one of the most liveable, equitable, and prosperous cities on the planet.

TransformTO & Net Zero by 2040

TransformTO is a comprehensive, internationally recognized strategy for climate action. Unanimously approved by Council in 2017, TransformTO sets out the long-term goals and short-term actions needed to enable the City to meet its interim climate targets and reach net zero by 2040. Unfortunately, the funding for implementation has never matched the ambition of this plan.

Achieving the City's climate goals will require a concerted effort from all sectors of society, including residents, institutions, governments and businesses. These goals are ambitious but essential if Toronto is to do its part in combatting global warming while minimizing the impact of the climate crisis on Toronto’s residents and creating a safe, prosperous city for all.


A Better City A Better Future

Investing in mitigation and adaption isn't just about climate change preparedness. Implementing TransformTO strategies will improve social equity, increase resiliency in communities, create a strong local economy and improve the health and well being of Toronto residents.

Social Equity

Implementation of TransformTO means that no one will be left behind as we move to a low-carbon economy and adapt to new climate norms.

Don River
Resilient Communities

A climate-prepared city protects communities from natural disasters and extreme heat while providing them with increased access to the natural world.

Renewable Energy Systems Engineering
Stronger Economy

A greener, more resilient city is one that will benefit from the opportunities of a new green economy.

healthy living
Quality of life

Efforts to reduce heat trapping pollution will also improve air quality, reduce noise, and make the many assets of this wonderful city more readily accessible to all.

About Us

ClimateFast is a community of climate activists who envision a world where all living beings can thrive. We are joined in this campaign by the undersigned organizations, from across the GTA, who have similar missions and endorse the goals of this campaign.

Citizens' Climate Lobby

Toronto Chapter